Whole-School Thematic Learning

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At Blue Rock School, we strive to nurture an appreciation for the diversity of world cultures. We believe that a rich understanding of the human experience is gained when differences and similarities are explored as we study the geography and history of regions around the globe. We introduce our students to the innovations in art, music, theater, and science that different ethnic groups and nationalities, both within the USA and abroad, have brought to the world. This experience and appreciation of cultural diversity in the arts and sciences is enriching and prepares the students to have a broader and more knowledgeable perspective of life and its possibilities.

Every year our faculty chooses a region of the world or a conceptual theme that the whole school will explore. Each grade embarks in an age-appropriate fashion to study elements of this culture, region or topic. Often a particular class’s research will lead to a festival or event that other grades and parents are invited to. We also host guest speakers or performers, visit museum exhibits, and attend shows that pertain to our yearly theme. Past cultural explorations have included: India, Africa, China, Japan, Oceania, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America, Europe, the Balkans, and the Middle East. Some of our conceptual themes have been: Home (What constitutes a home for animals and people around the globe and historical, geographic and cultural aspects of our home here in the Hudson River Valley), The Sun (inviting an in-depth study into the solar system, renewable energies, and a historical look at all the cultures that have honored the sun). Forests, Mountains, Trees and Rivers have been additional themes that have provided students a bridge to understand the earth’s landscapes and the flora and fauna within them.