Student Assessment & Evaluation


Blue Rock School is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents. The academic subjects are introduced within a rich interdisciplinary structure. Our curriculum is based on developmental benchmarks and the New York State Board of Education criteria. At Blue Rock we challenge our students to set high standards for themselves. We believe that by creating stimulating, non-competitive classrooms, we encourage students to take risks that will lead them to the next level of inquiry and learning. In contrast, we avoid an environment of testing and grade-based evaluation, which can turn the learning process into a "pass the test" experience.


Blue Rock School’s curriculum for each grade level is age and developmentally appropriate.

Occasionally, teachers will request additional evaluation and an outside assessment for children who need significantly more support than is typical to complete grade level expectations. These professional or district evaluations can provide invaluable information for parents and teachers on necessary modifications and strategies to support the child’s unique learning style. If a learning disability becomes apparent, teachers and parents will discuss appropriate accommodations which can range from classroom strategies and parental support at home, all the way to outside tutoring and in some cases placement in a more specialized academic setting. Blue Rock School honors the fact that each child is a unique individual with their own learning style and we are cognizant that while serving a diverse range of learners, our school is neither suited nor equipped with the additional services and aides needed to support children with significant academic or behavioral challenges.