Dear Prospective Parents,


Welcome!  We are so pleased that you are interested in applying to Blue Rock School.

You are part of a growing number of families who are searching for a more engaging, thoughtful, experiential and developmentally appropriate learning environment.  As the current trends in education now require students to assimilate facts at a younger age and a faster pace, and focus a majority of their efforts to prepare students for the state tests, many parents turn to us, looking for a different approach to education, one where their children stay engaged, enjoy their experience in school and which nurtures their innate love of learning.

Since our doors opened in 1982, Blue Rock School continues to be a place where children thrive in our smaller classes and joyful and creative environment; where their interests and ideas are woven into daily lessons and their questions encouraged; where they become active participants in their learning.  Our dynamic curriculum foments students' curiosity, exploration, and critical thinking. 

We invite you to come visit our school and learn what a tremendous difference a Blue Rock education could make for your child.

Rachel Bobrow
Admissions Coordinator



Application Process


Kindergarten Applicants


Application deadline:  Friday, February 7, 2020

Kindergarten Day: Saturday, March 7, 2020, 10am-12pm (for applicants only)

Steps to apply:

  1. Parents should attend the Kindergarten Information Session or one of the other admission events. If unable to attend, please schedule a private tour at (845) 535-3353.

  2. Fill out the Blue Rock School Application Form and return it to the Admissions Office, along with the $65 application fee. PLEASE NOTE: Kindergarten applicants must be at least five years of age by September 1st.

  3. Blue Rock School will request your child’s nursery school teacher to fill out our Teacher Recommendation Form. This form is confidential and should be sent directly back to Blue Rock’s Admissions Office.

  4. Kindergarten applicants are required to attend Kindergarten Day in March. This event is the final step of the application process, and is a wonderful opportunity for Kindergarten applicants to meet each other, to see the classroom, and to spend a couple of hours enjoying some fun activities together. The teachers will use this time to meet the children and observe them in a group.

  5. Decision process: The admissions committee considers a combination of the information from the parent application, the teacher recommendation and the Kindergarten Day visit to help them make their decisions. Blue Rock School has 12 spaces in our kindergarten class each year and will form a waiting pool of interested applicants once this class is full. Please note that due to space constraints, very qualified children often end up in the waiting pool. As a space or two does open up in the K class most years, it is very possible for children on the wait list to be offered a spot. Keep checking with the admissions office through June if your child is placed in the waiting pool.

Grades 1-8 Applicants


All application materials should be submitted by April 15th, 2020 and decisions will be made by the end of May.  Please note that early decisions can be made in special situations.  Some mid-year transfers may also be possible.  Contact the Admissions Office with any inquiries.

Steps to apply:

  1. Contact the Admissions Office to find out if there is space in your child's grade and then register to attend an Information Session or schedule a private tour at (845) 535-3353.

  2. Parents should attend either the Fall or Winter Information Session and Campus tour. Click here for admissions event dates

  3. Fill out the Blue Rock School Application Form and pay the $65 application fee.

  4. Blue Rock will contact your child’s school and ask for their full academic transcript and will request one of their teachers to fill out our Teacher Recommendation Form. This form is confidential and will be sent directly back to Blue Rock’s Admissions Office.

  5. If Blue Rock School decides to move forward with your child’s application, we will schedule a 3-day visit.

  6. Decisions will be made by the Admissions Committee using a combination of the parent application, the school records, the teacher recommendation, and their observations from the visit.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis when space is available. In the situation where a class is full, we will create a waiting pool of interested students. If a space should open up, we will consider each applicant in the waiting pool. Please contact the Admissions Director to find out about available space in our classes.


Please note that Blue Rock School does not have a learning specialist or a psychologist onsite, and we are generally not able to support children with learning challenges and/or those with behavioral issues.  If you have any concerns about the suitability of our school for your child, please contact the Admissions Director before moving forward with the admissions process.


Blue Rock School welcomes students of any race, national or ethnic origin to all programs and activities and accords the same rights and privileges to all students at the school without discrimination in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, financial aid, or other administered programs.


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Information Sessions & Campus Tours


Dates for the
School Year:


*Please note that these are adult only events.Children will be invited to visit at a later date during the admissions process.



Parents who are unable to attend a scheduled admissions event may contact the Admissions Office to inquire about a private tour. or call 845-535-3353




Tuition for the 2019-2020 school year:


Five half days only: $13,740
Plus one afternoon: $15,572
Plus two afternoons: $17,404
Plus three afternoons: $19,236
Plus four afternoons: $21,068
Plus Five Afternoons: $22,900
(Each afternoon: $1,832)  
First through Eighth Grade: $22,900

NOTE: There is a $750 materials and programs fee for every student.

A 10% tuition deposit is due within two weeks of receiving the Enrollment Agreement. This tuition deposit is deducted from the total tuition due for the year. Families may pay the remaining balance in one lump sum or choose between three payment plans, with no additional service fee: Semi-annual (2 payments), quarterly (4 payments) or monthly (typically 10 payments). Blue Rock offers a 5% discount for each additional child.



Financial Aid



Tuition assistance is available to low income families. For Kindergarten applicants, aid is generally offered only for the ½-day morning program (M-F, 9am-12pm).

In order to insure a fair distribution of our limited financial aid fund, the school employs the School & Student Services (SSS) by NAIS, which performs a thorough analysis of each applicant’s financial situation. The Financial Aid Committee makes their decisions based on a combination of the recommendations from SSS, the family’s unique circumstances and the availability of school funds. Blue Rock School does not offer full scholarships or tuition awards.  We require every family to contribute something toward the tuition.   Please note that families who have considerable assets and retirement accounts will not qualify for aid, as funds are reserved for those who have no resources to draw from. 

Families completing the application process after the deadline will miss the first round of awards, and will be considered on a rolling basis, if funds are still available.


Before requesting assistance, we ask every family to consider all possible outside resources:

  • Higher income options or second jobs

  • Re-prioritizing your family’s lifestyle

  • Shifting of funds being put aside for savings, college or retirement

  • Loans and gifts from relatives

  • Bank loans

The school is only able to offer assistance to families with demonstrable need and who possess no other resources or financial assets. Although we recognize that private school tuition is a great responsibility, the school relies on this income to retain our wonderful teachers and programs, which make Blue Rock such a unique school.

Instructions for Applying for Financial Aid


  1. Complete the online application, which can be found on the website for the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS): SSS is a division of NAIS, an organization which Blue Rock School uses to help process financial aid applicants’ information.

  2. Upload your 2018 and 2019 signed tax forms (including all schedules), and your 2019 W2s or 1099s, if applicable.
    Once you have completed the first two steps with SSS, they will then send your Report of Family Contribution (RFC) to Blue Rock School, in which they will recommend, based on their own formulas, what they believe your family can contribute toward the tuition. Please note that you may also receive a copy of this report directly from SSS.

  3. Fill out the Blue Rock School Financial Aid Information Form and write a letter explaining your family’s situation and why you are requesting aid. Describe any extenuating circumstances, such as loss of job, medical bills, etc. This letter and form should be sent directly to the Blue Rock School Admissions Office.

If you are unable to access the SSS website, upload your taxes, or print out the application paperwork, please contact the Admissions Office at 845-535-3353 and we will assist you.

Financial aid award decisions will be based on a combination of the recommendation from SSS, your tax returns, the information you have provided on the BRS Financial Aid Information Form and the accompanying letter, as well as the amount of financial aid dollars available. For returning families, we take into account your level of participation in volunteer opportunities at school fund raisers and other events. The Financial Aid Committee of the Board of Trustees will notify families regarding their awards by the month of May. All financial aid information provided to the committee is held in the strictest of confidence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the
Admissions/Financial Aid office at 845-535-3353 or