Who We Are


Our Teachers


Blue Rock School has a talented and committed teaching staff. Our teachers come to the work at Blue Rock consciously choosing to teach in an environment where the relationship to the students is at the center and the bridge from which curriculum and academic/artistic achievement are reached. As human beings of great caring and idealism, they bring to their practice a wealth of life experiences and knowledge from prior teaching and professional positions in diverse settings.  Through years of working collaboratively with each other and with an emergent curriculum across grade levels, our teachers have gained insight into children’s developmental needs and the appropriate material and concepts to introduce at any given time.

The majority of our teachers have Masters Degrees in Education, and some hold additional degrees in Special Education and the Arts. All our teachers share an open and questioning attitude toward the art of education. Our staff have attended and gained advanced degrees from prestigious and alternative institutions of higher learning such as Sarah Lawrence College, Columbia University, George Washington University, Hampshire College, UMASS Amherst, UCLA, University of Dayton, Iona College, Manhattanville College, and Long Island University. Our staff embodies the conviction that learning is a lifetime journey and they continually participate in staff development workshops at institutions of higher learning or with master teachers in many fields.

Our staff is committed to continually deepening their familiarity and knowledge of progressive educational methodologies. The teachers engage in healthy evaluation and re-evaluation of their teaching tools and practice, continually shedding new light on individual and school-wide methods to ensure that we are serving the children in the most effective and child-centered ways.

When new teachers join the staff, they receive one year of close mentorship and are paired with a senior teacher who consistently provides them with practical insights into our philosophy. Through their collaborative efforts and their passion for the practice of teaching, the teachers maintain the educational tone of the school.

We allow them time to ponder big themes. Their curiosity in science and social studies leads them to truly question our natural world, human societies and the way things work. Witnessing and supporting their passion to figure things out is priceless.
Teaching here is real! Like entering into a huge ship every day… and you might end up somewhere new. You need to be willing to learn every day.
Our grounds are an extension of the classroom. Having the freedom to teach outdoors in all seasons, and use multiple aspects of our woods and gardens for instruction, provides a vibrancy to the lessons that virtual or traditional teaching tools cannot come close to.

Quotes from teachers and staff on teaching at Blue Rock School

It is powerful to see how students become so solid and grow here. How even a child that has struggled, with time, support and effort, can come into themselves with strength
BRS has a balance of structure and freedom. We have to have a clear respect for what we are doing to not indulge only in wondrous exploration, but also to be closely attentive to what the projects are teaching.
The way the staff relates to one another and connects as human beings, is almost more important for the students to witness than the content we teach. A shared sense of respect and inquiry permeates all collaborations.
Working here is the alchemy of the children and ideas: Magic.
The close relationship with parents is beautiful. This is a community of caring.
It is pretty amazing to work in a place where teachers and staff are dedicated to their ongoing professional and personal growth. No one is complacent.
It is so alive. I have the freedom to respond to the energy and drive of the children in front of me.
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Igniting the children’s capacity to “think” by making connections across the different academic areas, through discussion and projects, is one of the most exciting things for us as middle school teachers teaching all subjects.
Children at Blue Rock truly inhabit their bodies. Whether running with abandon in a spirited game of chase at recess, holding hands and dancing the intricate steps of a folk dance, or flying like a bird in drama, throughout the day students are physically engaged. The sense of “I can” that develops and the enjoyment of their growing strength and agility are so important for their self-esteem and self-awareness.