Our Approach to Learning


At Blue Rock School we believe that providing children with opportunities to question, listen, and make connections to their own experience, as well as the experience of those around them, is essential for their development as responsive human beings. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy, and we value this deeper process of learning more than the specific content that is learned at any given time. The children learn by investigation and hands-on exploration. We integrate many subjects into our daily activities and encourage a multi-disciplinary approach rather than solely the acquisition of facts.  We trust that the students’ ability to engage in process-oriented education and deep inquiry will serve them well no matter what interests they pursue.

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Community is essential to the mission of Blue Rock School

The teacher is aware of the classroom as a learning collaborative where the needs of the individual are considered within the context of the larger group. Children work together, learning from each other, and special attention is given to the development of positive social skills. The teacher brings specific lessons and ideas to the classroom while also responding to and including children’s interests as she introduces the material in a variety of ways. Lessons are conducted in different formats: the whole class, small groups, or individually. 


Blue Rock teachers recognize and respect the unique pace and learning style of each child.

In addition to preparing curriculum in all subjects that support our specific benchmarks for each grade, teachers also develop material and work with students at various levels within a class. For instance, some first graders may be doing second grade level work in one area of study and still mastering a kindergarten benchmark in another. Each student naturally has his or her unique combination of strengths, as well as skills that need further growth.


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Actual learning is a continuum.

Our belief is that with consistent exposure to and exploration of concepts and the development of social, academic and artistic skills, the children develop proficiency without compromising their joy of learning.