Louise Poresky

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“I often think that this is why Blue Rock exists—to give children an experience that will affect them, their sensibilities, their awareness, long after they leave, and that they can draw on to make a difference in the lives of others in this world”

Louise Poresky

Louise’s commitment to living a life with integrity and her interest in honest and positive communication was an inspiration. Louise loved Blue Rock School and our mission to support children’s love of learning.

Louise Ann Poresky grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania where she graduated from Allentown High School in 1963. She received her Bachelor of Arts in British Literature from New York University and her Master of Arts from William Paterson University. She received her PhD from Drew University. Louise was a literary scholar, professor, and author. She taught literature and writing at colleges in the New York metropolitan area since the late 1970s and published scholarship on both modern and medieval literature. Her doctoral dissertation, The Elusive Self: Psyche and Spirit in Virginia Woolf's Novels, was originally published in 1981. In her last few years, she published two more books, both of which are addressed to a broader audience. The first was Another Way of Seeing: The Teachings of "A Course in Miracles." Her most recent book, One Evening, a Stranger, reflects her continuing love of literature and shows her talent for creative non-fiction.

Louise spent the last fourteen years serving the Blue Rock School in an ever increasing number of administrative roles. Her writing skill quickly became invaluable for grant applications, letters and editing.  She was an integral part of our staff community, bringing her clarity, intelligence and sense of humor to all that she did. Louise did not need the limelight to give fully of herself and her skills.  One touching example, is that for years she donated her time to an important but literally behind the scenes chore; she opened and closed the curtains for the children's Winter Solstice performances and never took a bow. She is greatly missed as a remarkable woman, a dedicated colleague and a dear friend.


Remembering Louise…

I am sharing a poem I will read out for Louise today by the Hudson River, because I know she would have loved it.  If she were here, she would have smiled and marveled at the insight and clarity of children. I like to think I feel her presence here at school, although perhaps she has moved on to more important matters.  I remember visiting her one day during her illness, we were sitting under the magical hanging bridge photo that now graces the stairs at school, and she said, “I feel so much love.”  She clarified that it was a love that was around her not even coming from a particular individual, just the sensation of powerful love.  This poem was written on the anniversary of her death, a beautiful spring day at Blue Rock School.  Daffodils and magnolia in full bloom and the second graders each found a spot outside to sit quietly and write. I have kept Aurora’s spelling intact out of respect for her developing voice and her efforts in sounding out her words.

—Caty Laignel, April 2016


Earth is Forever - A Fakt: if you are quiet you can hear nacher speeking and maby you can hear fairys talking lik bells

I feel the wind blowing throow my hair. I feel the moist dirt runing threw my hands. I feel ruff and smooth rock rubing agenst my hand. I see the tree growing taller and taller. I see the buses in a strait line rety to picup children.

this is what I feel

this is what I see

the whole earth is coming to me.