Dear Family Requesting Financial Aid,

Blue Rock School is pleased to offer financial assistance to low-income families whose children would not otherwise be able to attend our school. 

Before requesting assistance, we ask every family to consider all possible outside resources:

  • Higher income options or second jobs

  • Re-prioritizing your family’s lifestyle

  • Shifting of funds being put aside for savings, college or retirement

  • Loans and gifts from relatives

  • Bank loans

The school is only able to offer assistance to families with demonstrable need and who posses no other resources or financial assets.  Although we recognize that private school tuition is a great responsibility, the school relies on this income to retain our wonderful teachers and programs, which make Blue Rock such a unique school.

New families and those returning to Blue Rock School will follow the same application procedure.  The application process includes a few steps, all of which should be completed by the deadline.   Families completing the application process after the deadline will miss the first round of awards, and will be considered on a rolling basis, if funds are still available.



  1. Fill out the online application, which can be found on the website for the School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS): SSS is a division of NAIS, an organization which Blue Rock School uses to help process financial aid applicants' information.

  2. Upload your 2017 and 2018 signed tax forms, including all schedules.

  3. Upload 2018 W2s or 1099s, if applicable.
    Once you have completed the first three steps with SSS, they will then send your Report of Family Contribution (RFC) to Blue Rock School, in which they will recommend, based on their own formulas, what they believe your family can contribute toward the tuition. Please note that you may also receive a copy of this report directly from SSS.

  4. Fill out the Blue Rock School Financial Aid Information Form and write a letter explaining your family’s situation and why you are requesting aid. Describe any extenuating circumstances, such as loss of job, medical bills, etc.  This letter should be sent directly to the Blue Rock School Admissions Office.

If you are unable to access the SSS website, upload your taxes, or print out the application paperwork, please contact the Admissions Office at 845-535-3353 and we will assist you.

Financial aid award decisions will be based on a combination of the recommendation from SSS, your tax returns, the information you have provided on the BRS Financial Aid Information Form and the accompanying letter, as well as the amount of financial aid dollars available. The Financial Aid Committee of the Board of Trustees will notify families regarding their awards by the beginning of May. All financial aid information provided to the committee is held in the strictest of confidence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Admissions/Financial Aid office at
845-535-3353 or